(Dunkirk) – Rich Morrisroe, Democratic candidate for County Executive, is leveling criticism today at County Executive Paul J. Wendel for the county’s failure to fully collect bed taxes from Airbnb, an internet arranger of home or room rentals primarily for tourists.

Morrisroe notes: “In May 2019 Chautauqua County passed into law the requirement for Airbnb to collect the occupancy tax on rentals within the county. It has been more than a year and we still are not having the Airbnb collect our taxes. Twenty-nine of the fifty-seven counties outside of New York City have passed a law mandating the collection of all the 5% county occupancy tax. Many thousands of dollars due to the taxpayers is not being collected because of weak county management.”

“My opponent likes to use the tagline ‘the comeback will be greater than the setback’ in his stump speeches. How can that happen if we are not collecting what we are entitled to by law, especially when sales tax collection was down over 35% in May? My experience and training speak for themselves. We need a new management style in Mayville that has more urgency. I urge the county to move now to enforce our county law with Airbnb. We need some sense of urgency here,” concluded Morrisroe.

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