Collaboration is Key

The County needs to continue being the conduit between Federal and State government programs and assistance, and its cities, towns, and villages. Chautauqua County should encourage teamwork across departments to address issues with collaboration of the public sector, the private sector, and the nonprofit sector. We can no longer afford to address community-wide problems like persistent joblessness and low graduation rates in silos, expecting social services or the schools to solve them by themselves. The County has started to do this within its Health and Human Services division. Kudos for that. It is now time to take it a step further. Time for education, workforce development, and economic development to address issues together. Time for business and labor to address issues together. Time for the nonprofits to work with both businesses and schools to address issues that no one sector can solve alone. Time for the varying interests around Chautauqua Lake to find a way to work together to keep it a viable asset for generations to come. We need to do our best to remove barriers to success by providing adequate training, education, social capital, and transportation so that all residents of the County can benefit from its revival.

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