Conversion is Key, for People and for Businesses

Converting consumers of county social services into wage earning workers and business owners. Reducing the welfare rolls with actual work, not make-work to meet “welfare to work” requirements. Temporary assistance recipients and wage earners alike can also become small business owners with assistance, guidance, and mentoring, and with access to capital. The Chautauqua County IDA, the Fredonia Incubator and Chautauqua County Health and Human Services can collaborate to help people develop business plans, raise capital, and connect with the right investors and professionals to succeed.

  • Existing businesses and beneficiaries of tax incentives arranged by the County IDA, should convert in a timely manner from PILOT recipient to actual County taxpayer (i.e., paying actual tax bill, not reduced taxes). To make sure the businesses meet their employment goals and promises, we need to support them. In turn, they need to support the County that helped them succeed by becoming an active member of the community for the long term.

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