Manage the Budget & Avoid Financial/Fiscal Gimmicks

The county finances are not currently being managed, instead the finances are managing the county. More than a dozen counties in New York State offered county employees the opportunity for furloughs before our county in response to the novel coronavirus shutdown and fiscal impact.  Why so slow? Moreover, one-time cash infusions provide short term relief and flow but hinder the County in the long run. Selling county assets may seem like a good idea in the moment, but there are other ways to finance operations. Growing the tax base is ideal. But there are other ways to find the funds necessary to run optimally. The sale of the County nursing home was a short-term fix. The County building in Jamestown was a money pit but selling it without finding a replacement location in the city was a mistake. Those funds are essentially gone. We have to focus on growing tax revenues by growing both population and businesses, by increasing the amount of new homeowners, businesses, and employees. Plus, we have to manage our costs, and maintain or replace necessary assets.

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