Service – Provide excellence, empathy and efficiency in county service delivery of public infrastructure and maintenance, health & human services delivery, managing county resources wisely and coordinating our planning and economic development efforts for results, not just process, not just going through the motions. This means working together with management, labor and outside expertise to incentivize excellence, foster efficiency and build team spirit.

Ingenuity – Being skillful, clever and creative when tackling our county and its component municipalities’ problems, building on the multiple skills, relationships and networks I’ve gained over 22 years of working in banking, teaching, nonprofit housing development, real estate, drug abuse prevention, local government and law.

Real Leadership – To progress as a county we need to conduct a thorough SWOT analysis of our internal departments and divisions; our industries; our municipalities; our marketing and our economic and workforce development efforts. We need to set the proper metrics. And then we need to create goals and action steps to create progress in each component by working across silos and disciplines in a collaborative manner.